Case Studies

Information about the participants from each partner country who took part in the pilot testing of the project:

Daniela Grečnerová - Slovakia

Daniela Grecnerova image

Creative Entrepreneur Adviser – Level 7

My name is Daniela, I was born in 1985 in Bratislava. I have a Master degree of Faculty of Massmedia studies in Trnava, Slovakia. In years 2005-2013 I worked in Funradio, the national EHR radio station as an executive in the music department. In 2013-2014 I worked as PR and Marketing manager in, that operates more than 50 websites in different segments. I was responsible for marketing campaigns and corporate PR communication. Today, I work fulltime on my two online music dedicated projects – & BeatBan is the mp3 digital distribution platform & music label. Tootoot is an event crowdsourcing platform.

I use all my experiences in my daily communication with bands and musicians. They often complain about bad sales, no media interest, lack of live events, etc. We can offer them useful online tools with an advice about how to improve their music business activities.

…on belonging to an international community of practice:
It was extremely rewarding to get new connections with an international community to compare the state of creative industry in different countries.

… on going through a validation process with peers as reviewers
Feedback to my activities and fitting to an official Level framework was very interesting, bringing some new points of view to my thoughts. /

Luca Tamburrino - Italy

LucaI am a Career Consultant and Community Manager of Comincenter Matera after some abroad experiences where I’ve worked as an accelerator of startups and in private organisations of European programs.
Since 2014, when I started my job in Comincenter, 59 youngsters of 97 found their job in different European countries and thanked me for my support.

…on belonging to an international community of practice:
Giving to the international community all my skills about sourcing, social recruiting, project management and finding a good way to improve business ideas of our users and youngsters.

Martina Jančovičová - Slovakia

Martina Jancovicova image

I am a writer. I graduated at the Business Academy- specialization Economics and International Marketing. I have positive attitude towards children, nature, sports and literature. In my free time, I enjoy physical exercise, healthy nutrition and creativity for the youngest readers. I am an author of the book: ”Cvičia všetky zvieratká“ (”All animals do physical exercise“), which I have self-published, and I also ensured its distribution via my own e-shop:

This book is a methodical handbook providing assistance for physical exercise and motion education in kindergartens and nurseries, but also for the parents who would like to spend their time with children more efficiently, to entertain together and to do physical exercise together. I write on the basis of my own experience- I have two children. In my head, there are a lot of projects for children which I would like to use and fill in the gap in the market. Through my work, I would like to support mutual relationships between parents and children, and thus to strengthen their bond, because nothing is nicer than to be a part of children´s world full of games, entertainment and fantasy for a while. I organize various events and children summer camps with the focus on education, physical exercises and creativity and healthy development of the children.

I participate in various competitions of slogans and humorous short stories. I write crosswords for school magazines for pupils of 1st and 2nd grades.

I am an active participant in the events of our town, I am a civic activist of the OZ Moje Mesto (civic association). Also, I am a member of the body of editors of the town Senec newspapers, to which I provide contributions in the form of articles and photographies.

I adore my work, I can be myself, and I am pleased if my work helps children, teachers and parents. In cooperation with the EURO DEŤOM Fund, I also help ill children by financial contributions from the book selling. I am planning a lot of projects, which, I believe, will help in education, physical education, creativity and development of children´s personalities.

…on belonging to an international community of practice:
I am very happy, and I am honoured to be a part of an international community dedicated to creative industry. It is amazing for a man to do things of his/her interest, which fulfil him/her, and at the same time, he/she makes his dreams and wishes come true. A man thus helps not only him/herself, but also other people, and thus his/her creativity brings contributions to the growth of the personality and is helpful for his/her community he/she lives in.

… on going through a validation process with peers as reviewers
First, I was very surprised of myself thanks to the validation process (portfolio)- of everything I have achieved, produced, and I have become aware of a number of my advantages. I have also indicated my weaknesses which I will try to eliminate to avoid probable mistakes in the future. I have gained new experience, met a lot of new and creative people. Thus I have been enriched by an enormous energy, support and courage to keep on performing my activities.


Tanja Kalcic - Croatia

Tanja Photo

Creative Entrepreneur Adviser- Level 7

I am the president of Prostor Plus, project manager, producer, researcher, evaluator, program developer and key strategist person for organization from 2010. I  run several different international projects as a producer and project manager, supporting colleagues in their work and development.

…belonging to an international community of practice
Communities of practice and knowledge need to be shared between the countries/organizations/people for the purpose of building international community.

…going through a validation process with peers as reviewers:
Validation process gave an overview of personal practice, self positioning in community, self-reflection and self-awareness’.


Nives Soldicic - Croatia

Nives Photo

Cultural Learning Practitioner  – Level 5

Clown doctor, aerial and performing artist. I started with contemporary dance in 2007. From then, I educated myself through various workshops in Croatia and abroad. Today I work as a coordinator of Prostor Plus organization, clown doctor, performer and run workshops in aerial silk.

…belonging to an international community of practice
It already bring me new opportunities, and I believe that it will bring even more. Sharing knowledge, helping to each other to become a strong community.

…going through a validation process with peers as reviewers:
Validation process was really helpful to me in many aspects. It give me other perspective of work and art that I do.


Ivica Franeková - Slovakia


Creative Enterprise Advisor – Level 5

ivica uploadI have been a book seller from heart and mind, an amateur dancer and an occasional choreographer since the time of my studies. My acting in the Zilina TDA performance group, and cooperation with Marta Miller, an American dancer, lead to yoga in 1997 which I have been practising up to present not only on a private basis, but as a lecturer as well. In 2007,  I took part in the establishment and performance of a unique project titled ”CEF presents: Contemporary dances under the Pyrami”, in cooperation with ah association Bratislava v pohybe (Bratislava on the move). In 2013, I elaborated a concept for a civic society Tancuľkovo, and was a leading pedagogue of a physical build-up for children from 3 to 6 years old, titled Blšky. At present, I  engaged in cultural management on a local and partly regional levels in the town of Senec, acting as a leader of an alternative multi-genre environment in the local cultural centre. In 2015, I initiated and roofed (from the view of production and dramaturgy) the formation and course of the Sun Festival (Slnečný festival)- a festival with a core idea to promote art and creativity in every corner and for everyone.

…on belonging to an international community of practice
First of all, it is an opportunity for professional growth, gaining new experience, creating new partnerships and contacts (both professional and personal), and at the same time, an opportunity for further education.

… on going through a validation process with peers as reviewers
I have become aware of everything related to the scope of my actual activities, and I have gained a knowledge about how it is difficult to objectively formulate my strengths and weaknesses.


Priir Juurman- Estonia


I’ve made my name as a hip-hop and acid-jazz pioneer in the Estonian music scene and earned a high reputation worldwide as an outstanding producer and dj.

I started dj’ing in the early nineties. Being a true hip-hop and acid-jazz believer, I soon earned the reputation as the most respected hip-hop dj in Estonia.

I slowly started collaborating with other local artists and a year later I was spinning records and promoting events all over the country.  Quickly becoming a local hero, this led to appearances in many different radio stations, doing live mix shows and guest spots.
In 1996, I started a weekly radio mix show on a local station that lasted til 1998 and was a big success. During that period, my musical direction was changing from hip-hop via acid-jazz to house. I have been involved in the radio since then.

Being a warrior on the decks, owner of a record label, member in a nujazz bands ( BROKEN TIME ORCHESTRA, DRUM POWER ) and a pioneer of the underground scene in Estonia opened doors to residencys at major clubs. In 1999, I teamed up with his fellow resident at VIBE, DJ MERI. The duo known to the world as RULERS OF THE DEEP has been working with and for all the giants in the world of house music. We have released production on OVUM RECORDINGS, DEFECTED, STEALTH, SHINICHI, HED KANDI, MUM etc. Also, we have worked with JOCELYN BROWN, KINGS OF TOMORROW, MOOD II SWING, ARNOLD JARVIS, JAY SINISTER and LOUIE VEGA, etc.

I am one of the most requested DJs in Estonia to work with live vocalists and instrumentalists. My busy schedule of dj’ing has led to territories worldwide, from Estonia, the Baltic’s, Scandinavia, Russia, UK, USA, Canada, Swiss, Arabia etc. where I have been dropping my house and broken-beat sounds that can be described as soulful and funky but also deep and techy depending on the night.

Collaboration with dj Meri is thriving in full force. Rulers of the Deep is hosting the official Friday night mix called Tallinn-Express. The showcase is transmitted live on the national station Raadio 2 (101.6 Mhz), every Saturday from 7 till 9 pm. Useing the same brand “Tallinn Express”, dj Meri and I also run a monthly club night at Club Studi and different dates in other clubs.


…on belonging to an international community of practice
I would like to think my occupation is always linked to the community.

…on going through a validation process with peers as reviewers
Seems strange and very traditional.


Yoko Alender - Estonia


Cultural Learning Practitioner – Level 7

I was born in Tallinn 1979, lived and studied in Stockholm, Sweden (1989-99) and the UK (1986-7). I am a master of architecture and city planning since 2010 from the Estonian Academy of Arts. I have practiced as a cultural leader in the fields of music festivals, city installations and architecture, written numerous publications on the theme of urban planning and acted in the Estonian media as a speaker for the human scale in city planning. Also, I have been involved in the creation of two of the most popular restaurants in Tallinn, F-Hoone and Frank. I am active in party politics since 2013, was member of Tallinn City Council 2013-4, and am a member of the Parliament of Estonia since 2015, a member of the Cultural commission. I want to continue to inspire young women in Estonia to combine a successful career and family life, talking about my personal experience with my four children.

…belonging to an international community of practice:
I would like to see that go more global.

…going through a validation process with peers as reviewers:
I like the idea- we know our work so better us to review it.



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