• Update on validation programme


    Some of our first cohort of Cultural Learning Practitioners who have been validated at level 7 are about to embark on some coaching sessions to become local Mentors and Peer Reviewers in their Partner countries. Enzo and I will be running 4 coaching sessions covering 7 topics over the next few weeks. This coaching series will act as a pilot for a Certification process as a ‘Euro-Aspire Peer Mentor/Reviewer’. Validated Level 7 Candidates from any Practice Pathway will be eligible to participate in this new Certification process to become a ‘Euro-Aspire Peer Mentor/Reviewer’.

    We have also recently successfully tested the revised Level 7 professional dialogue for both pathways: Cultural Learning Practitioner and Creative Entrepreneur Adviser.  The up-dated Euro-Aspire Recognition and Validation Programme is ready for its 2nd cohort of new Candidates from Croatia, Estonia, Italy and Slovakia. We are accepting candidates for both the current pathways at Levels 5 and 7. This is a very exciting time for the Euro-Aspire Programme team and for the Aspire2Create project partners.

    I wish all our potential Peer Mentor/Reviewers a successful coaching programme.  I trust that we will all enjoy it and gain valuable personal and professional insight into the process of Recognising and Validating our own Non-Formal Learning and that of our peers. The Peer Mentor/Reviewer Coaching Programme aims to support us to grasp the techniques to consistently replicate the process of ‘making that which is invisible in our everyday practice, more visible to ourselves and to others’. It is this visibility together with the recognition and acknowledgement that we do, indeed, have a shared practice that supports us to understand, explain, discuss, develop, share and to advocate that practice to others . 

    Dr Denise Stanley

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